The Luna Luca Story

LUNA LUCA launched in 2018.

Inspired by our love of jewellery, but finding it increasingly difficult to find unique pieces at an affordable price point, we set out to create a collection of beautiful, indulgent but affordable pieces that are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The Italian Influence…

Having spent a lot of time in Italy, travelling and planning a wedding, we fell in love with the bold but ornate, delicate but striking pieces we found – and these became the heart of our first collection; the Luna Collection.


In working with suppliers and designers, we found our next collection; the Luca Collection was formed organically through our love of colour and the simplicity of the bold shapes.  The smooth lines, marble and tortoiseshell striking patterns instantly captured us and the Luca Collection was formed.  The collection is fun, modern and design-led, completely different in style to the Luna Collection but equally as gorgeous!

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